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Roofing Color Matters

It's generally not the first thing to catch your eye about a home, nor is it meant to be, but the color of your roof can make a huge difference in the overall aesthetic. The right color can bring architectural aspects of your home to life.

Selecting a color is a bit of a nuance. In general, dark colors make a home look smaller, whereas light colors can look more prominent. Dark colors such as gray, black, green, or blue look good on white or light-colored houses. Wood, log, or red homes go well with forest colors such as dark brown, black, gray, or green.

The style of your home matters when selecting a roof color. Whether it is warm and cottage-like, or bold and dramatic with contemporary lines affects the color choice. If the roof is a dominant feature, you don't want the color to overshadow it, making a mid-tone the best option. Keep in mind that the greater your roof's slope or pitch, the more you will see it from the street.

It's also important to complement or blend in with the surrounding environment. Is there a lot of greenery in your landscape, or is it more of a high desert? If you are in a modern, suburban area, bolder colors can work well. Be sure to watch the natural light and how it moves throughout the day. Lighter or neutral colors can appear to wash out in areas that get a lot of sun.

Be careful to avoid having the same color of siding and roofing. You want the colors to complement one another, but to have a bit of contrast. Color-blended shingles look best with solid-colored homes; if your home has a lot of variety in texture and color, keeping with a single-color shingle will look best.

To get a better idea of what you are looking for, find homes similar in style and surroundings, and note their color selection. It's also good to be mindful of your neighbors. You don't want all of your homes to look the same, but you want it to harmonize with the neighborhood. As always, check with your local Home Owner's Association to see if they have any covenants surrounding roofing color.